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Invicti Enterprise is a comprehensive automated web application security solution that includes web vulnerability scanning, assessment, and management.

Its strongest points are Proof-Based Scanning for extremely high scan accuracy, automated web asset discovery, and out-of-the-box integration with leading issue management and CI/CD solutions.

The Invicti scanner can identify vulnerabilities in all types of modern, legacy, and custom web applications, regardless of the architectures or platforms they are based on. For the vast majority of direct-impact vulnerabilities, the scanner automatically verifies security flaws to prove that they are real and not false positives, opening the way to scalable automation.

Key features:

  • Discover & crawl all your assets

  • Detect vulnerabilities (DAST+IAST+SCA)

  • Resolve issues

  • Integrate security into development

  • Continuously secure

Esperto Consultants is the Authorized Distributor for Invicti (earlier Netsparker) Web Application Security Scanner in India

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