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Malwation is a research and development company specializing in developing advanced malware analysis solutions. Since its foundation, it has been helping organizations to protect their integrity&confidentiality and to take proactive measures against cyber-attacks. Led by malware analysts, Malwation's comprehensive product portfolio helps SOC teams, threat intelligence, and incident response teams automate security operations and accelerate analysis & response.
Malwation takes existing technologies one step forward and increases malware detection rates of organizations with next-generation technologies. In this context, 3 products have been developed:


  •, an advanced malware analysis sandbox that performs monitoring at the hypervisor level instead of agent-based

  • Malwation CDR, a digital sterilization technology that provides protection against file-borne threats

  • Malware Simulation Platform (MSP) for the red team to generate their own dynamic malware

Key Features:

  • Hypervisor-Based Monitoring: To overcome the abilities of new generation malware’s sandbox evasion techniques, Threat.Zone monitors the suspected file from the hypervisor level.

  • Interactive Lab: Users can access the virtual machine, manipulate the suspected file and browse in the VM folders all in one platform without changing any tools.

  • Zero Trust Approach: Instead of reputating the file, Malwation CDR sterilizes the file regardless of the content inside to ensure zero trust in the organization.

  • Rapid Delivery: In time-sensitive cases, CDR offers the safe file within milliseconds.

  • Cyber Drill: Users can conduct cyber drills by using the MSP malwares to test the performance of the current/planned-to-buy security tools or the awareness of the staff.

Esperto Consultants is the Authorized Value Added Partner for Malwation Malware Analysis solution in India.

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