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Nucleus is redefining the vulnerability management software category as the single source of record for all assets, vulnerabilities, and associated data. We unlock value from your existing tools and place you squarely on the path to program maturity by unifying the people, processes, and technology involved in vulnerability management. With Nucleus, you receive unmatched visibility into your program and a suite of tools with functionality that simply can’t be replicated in any other way. 

It is the single shift-left tool that unifies development and security operations. It unlocks the value you’re not getting out of your existing tools and puts you on the path to unifying the people, processes, and technology involved in addressing vulnerabilities and code weaknesses. With Nucleus, you’ll get unmatched pipeline integration, tracking, triage, automation and reporting capabilities and a suite of tools with functionality that give you the agility to deploy new secure software at the speed of operations.

Nucleus sits at the nexus of your vulnerability data, asset information, and embedded threat intelligence – providing contextually relevant data at your fingertips, allowing for automated response at scale. Nucleus combines all the asset information, vulnerability data from scanning tools, and threat intelligence from Mandiant into one single platform for vulnerability teams to eliminate laborious manual data analysis and accelerate decision-making and prioritization.

Nucleus integrates over 100 scanners and external tools including Qualys VM, Rapid7 InsightVM,,, Nessus, BeyondTrust Retina, Titania Nipper, NMAP, OpenVAS, Acunetix, Invicti (Netsparker), Trustwave AppScanner, Qualys WAS, Burp Suite, Checkmarx, MicroFocus Fortify, Microfocus Webinspect, Tenable WAS, Veracode, Synopsys, and Synk.

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