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Outflank Security Tooling (OST) is a broad set of tools created by the red teaming specialists at Outflank. With OST, Outflank bundle internal tools and make these available as a service to others providing high-end offensive security services: red teaming, adversary simulation or advanced penetration testing services.


These tools allow you to simulate similar techniques to what some APTs and Organized Crime Groups apply but are not available in public tools. They also help all your team members to easily perform deep-technical and difficult tasks without hassle, with a guaranteed level and OPSEC safe. OST tools are explicitly developed to bypass defensive measures and detection tools.

OST will make your offensive security team perform more efficient.

A selection of tools and more:

  • Payload generator: Generate advanced and unique payloads. This tool contains a multitude of OPSEC and anti-forensic features to help you evade antivirus and EDR products. Easy to use for all your team members.

  • Office Intrusion Pack: Use high quality offensive macros for phishing with MS Office documents. This tool is built on our latest research and contains various non-public techniques to succeed in establishing initial access.

  • Stego loader: Hide your payloads in pictures using steganography. Just like some of the well-known APT groups do (e.g. APT29 and Turla).

  • Lateral pack: Stay under the radar of EDR products when moving lateral. This set of tools uses various modern and unpublished techniques.

  • Stage 1: Pre-C2 toolkit. Perform OPSEC safe actions such as recon. Make an informed decision before increasing your footprint and smuggle full C2 frameworks such as Cobalt Strike, Mythic or Covenant past antivirus and EDR products.

  • HiddenDesktop: Hidden interaction with your target’s desktop. It’s like magic. You can move the mouse and open GUI applications on a hidden desktop on the target machine. Don’t be fooled, this is so much more than VNC or RDP. The user can continue working. He has no indication of your presence. Perfect for post-exploitation actions on objectives, such as gaining access to a fat client payment application

OST benefits for your red team:

  • Save time and money: OST is continuously updated with new offensive Techniques and Procedures by a team of hackers and developers. This saves you significant time developing and maintaining a full internal toolkit.

  • Become smarter: We hire some of the smartest people in the industry. They spend much time on research & development. We put this into a readily available toolkit. This means your team can quickly upgrade their knowledge, technology and operations. Supported with extensive documentation, your team will know exactly what the tools do.

  • Increase fire power on full kill chain: Smaller teams can punch above their weight by leveraging external development power. Our toolkit provides your team with shortcuts for hard stages like initial access, EDR evasion and OPSEC-safe lateral movement. OST includes techniques that have not yet been published or weaponized by other red teams.

  • Use quality tools: The toolkit is also used by Outflank specialists. This means OST is built for performing in mature and sensitive target environments.

Esperto Consultants is the Authorized Distributor for Outflank Offensive Security Solution in India.

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